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"You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap."

-- Dolly Parton

The cost of blepharoplasty factors in so many variables that it's unrealistic to search for meaningful "average" prices. It depends not only on which particular component procedures you''ve selected but also, for instance, on how many eyelids (i.e., both upper lids, both lowers lids, all four, or just one).

three eyes

That established, here are some out-of-the-hat numbers for surgery performed by an expert:

For basic bilateral upper or lower blepharoplasty, expect to pay about $3,500-4,500 (surgery, facility, anesthesia, follow-up).

For all four lids (that is, uppers AND lowers) performed at the same time, expect to pay about 50-70% more.

Average cost in different regions of the United States may vary by as much as 50%, being highest in the New England states and lowest in the south central states.

Blepharoplasty fees in cities where the price of beauty doesn't matter (Beverly Hills, New York City) can be double that of anywhere nearby and, in some cases, completely out of touch with reality.

However, don't expect very much for next to nothing. Despite the imaginary low numbers you may find on cosmetic surgery information sites listing average blepharoplasty prices at only slightly more than what it costs to have your car serviced, good plastic surgery does not come cheap.

A recent study of plastic surgery prices in fifteen U.S. cities of varying sizes confirmed what many have long observed: cosmetic surgery pricing does not follow the basic laws of economics, including the most basic law of supply and demand. The researchers found no association between the cost of surgery and the density of plastic surgeons in a given city. Instead, local economic factors were the main pricing determinants, issues like the cost-of-living index and the costs to own or rent real estate. Average household income and per capita income showed only a weak correlation.

Other studies have shown only small differences in prices charged by established experts compared to those just out of training. In other words, price shopping in a given locale is not likely to yield much in the way of savings.

And so if cosmetic surgery by a blepharoplasty expert or all-around novice costs pretty much the same within a local area, it's seems more productive to focus on experience and reputation to get "the most" for your money.

But what if one doctor in your city charges $8,000 for the same services that all the others offer for $5,000? Does that identify him or her as a better eyelid surgeon? There's no evidence to support this idea, even though some surgeons boast about high prices as if it proves something.

Predictably, a variety of promotions have emerged to capture the bargain-addicted consumer out shopping for the lowest price -- for instance ads for $999 blepharoplasty, 50% member discounts, today-only Internet specials, exclusive Twitter discounts, secret online auctions, and even surgeons offering to negotiate on price. Are these truly good deals? If the stereo you bought after negotiating a "steal" of a price self-destructs a week later, you can throw it out and buy another one. Not so with your face. While it may be possible to find a slightly lower price than that quoted by an experienced specialist, a quality blepharoplasty will likely cost more than an "eye job" delivered by a practitioner willing to cut every corner to offer a the rock-bottom fee.

Everyone knows that healthcare, especially in the "luxury" sector, operates as a broken market. Surgeon and patient do not come to the table on an equal footing, and it's impossible to compare quality or sometimes even determine a final price. Too often, it feels more like "take it or leave it." Confronting such luxury pricing is never comfortable. Many new car buyers feel cheated even after vountarily agreeing to the purchase price for that sophisticated and sexy verhicle they've been dreaming about for years. Why? Non-transparent, inelastic pricing is so distasteful that it's hard not to assume that the dealer you came up against got the better of you.

Plus, there's more yet that goes into adding to the final costs of your eyelid surgery, as you'll discover in the chapters that follow.

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