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"When in doubt, cut it out."
-- Anonymous

Blepharoplasty, or cosmetic eyelid surgery, joined mainstream plastic surgery over eighty years ago but was then practiced with only minor refinement over the ensuing decades.


Forty years ago, a less damaging approach to the lower eyelid initiated rapid evolution in technique only to be overtaken near the end of the last century by any number of highly invasive "advances" that many facial and oculoplastic surgeons now view as overly enthusiastic.

Although aggressive plastic surgery will indeed provide a noticeable if not dramatic change, this is seldom for the better. Results may appear harsh, windswept, sunken, and, paradoxically, less youthful. By trading one deformity for another, overworked eye and face lifts can transform a person's appearance into something it never was.

While ever-evolving, today's best eyelid surgery is built around a newfound respect for the perils of disturbing orbital fat and the eyelid's complex system of support. Baggy upper and puffy lower lids can now be addressed surgically with less tissue injury, removal, scarring, and loss of function, while orbital hollowness can be softened with newer fat grafting techniques.

By relying less on subtraction and more on restoration, today's less destructive blepharoplasty can better reinvigorate and refresh an aging face.

The goal is to still look like yourself. Just better.

Eyelid Surgery Trends
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(Note: Please disregard references to the "The Case Studies" videos, which are now incorporated throughout the course rather than in a separate section.)

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