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Double Eyelid Surgery

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Viewing pictures can be useful in trying to understand the potential of a particular operation. However, many before and after photos can confuse more than educate by depicting patients who have undergone multiple but unspecified other eyelid or facial procedures or by presenting comparisons with different lighting or angles of view.

The images in our before and after gallery are of actual patients who have undergone incisional double eyelid surgery. The specifics of each procedure are listed, accompanied by a short comment on each case.

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Asian eyelid surgery often entails more than simply creating an upper eyelid crease. The patients shown here range from those seeking "standard" double eyelid crease enhancement to others with less common accompanying conditions such as ptosis, mulitple creases, and eyelid hollowness.

Close-up photos of one eye allow a viewer to better study the outcome of an operation, while two-eye views are more useful for judging symmetry.

Asian Eyelid Surgery 101
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