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Eyelid Tape and Glue
for Crease Simulation

Many Asian women like the look of a bigger eye but are reluctant to undergo double eyelid surgery. Most feel that the presence of a well-defined upper crease can make the eye appear more expressive and, although only an optical illusion, a little bigger.

Eyelid Tape

eyelid tape

Among the most popular of all Asian beauty tricks is the use of eyelid tape, which can raise a low natural crease or help to even out imbalances. The tape is made of clear waterproof material and comes either pre-cut or on a roll.

Unfortunately, mastering its application takes a good deal of practice. Eyelid tape can feel a little uncomfortable and may appear unnatural without eye makeup on to hide it.

Some lucky patients only need to wear the tape for a few hours in the morning to "coax" a crease into forming for the rest of their waking hours.

If the lids are sensitive, a hypoallergenic and breathable brand of tape will cause less irritation. Smoother, non-reflective tape also makes eye cosmetics easier to apply and stay in place.

Some feel that the constant act of peeling the tape off the lids each night may cause the eyelid skin to stretch sooner than it might have.

Eyelid Glue

Eyelid glue, also called eye putty, is more expensive but is easier to use and seems to work better than tape in those without any crease to start (the tape tends to show in those with single eyelids).

After painting the adhesive onto the lid, a plastic prong is used to push the skin up and into place.

The adhesive may not be as durable as on the tape but it is easily removed from the skin with water.

Some women use both tape and glue.

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