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Section: Healing

Healing Photographed

Crease Maturation After Double Eyelid Surgery


Single eyelid with multiple superficial incomplete folds; lashes pushed far downwards

5 days after

Marked swelling above and below the incision line

2 weeks after

New platform is swollen and crease appears high and overly arched

4 weeks after

Less swelling on platform; crease slightly lower and smoother but still quite high

6 weeks after

Less swelling; crease is better defined and slightly lower due to skin above the incision beginning to soften and drape

2 months after

Crease is lower as the skin above has draped further

3 months after

As internal healing continues, lashes have assumed a more upward direction

6 months after

Platform thinner; crease is lower, more defined, and more regular in the corners due to the continued draping of skin above the scar

12 months after

Medium tapered crease at full maturation

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