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Section: Healing

Experiencing The Operation

Q: How long does the surgery take?
A: Asian double eyelid blepharoplasty takes about one hour of "hands-on" time. Allowing for preoperative sedation and recovery, the average patient spends just over two hours in our office.

Q: Where is the surgery performed?
A: Our office features a fully-equipped operating suite dedicated entirely to eyelid surgery.

Q: What type of anesthesia is used?
A: Local anesthesia with oral sedation. Intravenous or general anesthesia is not only unnecessary but may limit the ability of the surgeon to evaluate the result as it develops due to a lack of patient feedback (opening and closing the eyes at certain points along the way).

Q: How much does a patient feel during surgery?
A: Usually just a little pressure. Many people are so relaxed that they sleep through most of the operation.

Q: Is there much pain afterwards?
A: Most discomfort associated with incisional Asian blepharoplasty is mild and gone within a matter of a few hours. While we routinely dispense a stronger pain killer with the postoperative supplies, most patients find Tylenol to be adequate.

Q: How long is the initial recovery?
A: Swelling peaks on the morning after surgery. Bruising reaches its peak on the second day after surgery and is usually mild. Sutures are removed on the fourth or fifth day. Non-strenuous activity may be undertaken beginning the day after surgery, while more vigorous exercise should be delayed for about ten days. Most bruising is gone by a week, while noticeable swelling will persist for several weeks.

Q: How long does it take until all healing is complete?
A: Although one can resume a normal life within a few weeks, it takes much longer for the eyelids to heal to their final state. For more, see Healing and Recovery.

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