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Best Height and Shape
for the Asian Crease

Of course, attempting to call the "best" height and shape for an Asian crease is risky since it comes down to at least partially a matter of personal opinion and sense of aesthetics. Some people prefer no crease at all. Besides considering what appears "natural," the other main variable that plays into the equation is patient intent.

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Low tapered crease

Height: The Lower, The Better

A low crease is the most natural, period. In those of Asian descent who are born with a crease, it's almost always in the low range. If you're now set on going high, try to come down to medium. If you're now thinking about going medium, give a low crease your consideration. If you finally decide upon something higher, it's your call. Just remember that lowering a crease later is a major undertaking that doesn't always work.

Shape: Tapered is Most Harmonious

Why? It's because of the epicanthal fold in the inner corner. An epicanthal fold is present on almost every Asian lid. Simply put, a tapered shape respects the fold's existence and yields the most harmonious final appearance. A parallel crease, while popular, does not. Unless you are of mixed Occidental and Asian lineage, of Filipino descent, or have an unusually long face with a very high brow, there is little reason to consider the semilunar shape.

What If The Intent is More of a "Westernization"?

Without debating a subject that some see as highly controversial, suffice it to say that more than a few patients state openly that they are seeking a more Western appearance for the lids.

Unless this simply means being a bit more aggressive, doing so could be something you later come to regret.

What's Most Popular

Even though we almost always recommend a low tapered crease, about half of our patients (for the ladies, slightly more than half; for the men, less so) settle in on a medium parallel crease.

Does the final outcome appear odd? Not at all.

The higher platform of the parallel crease allows for the efficient application of makeup, but men like it, too.

Is it the most natural crease (meaning the look that comes closest to what occurs minus any surgery)? No, but then it's not like it stands out as fake.


There is no perfect crease height and shape that is appropriate in every case. As in all operations on the face, however, it's always prudent to stay within the confines of what most observers looking at you will take to be a non-surgical state.

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