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"There's more to being an Asian eyelid specialist than knowing how to make a crease."

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Asian eyelid plastic surgery encompasses a surprisingly long list of procedures for the eyelids and canthal regions, most with a common goal of making the eyes appear bigger, more expressive, and sometimes even more Western.

While the anatomic layers that comprise the Asian eyelid are the same as those found in the non-Asian lid, their arrangement and connections differ in important respects. These variations and distinctions make surgery on the Eastern lid so different from that on the Western lid that modern Asian double eyelid surgery bears little resemblance to European blepharoplasty.

Since Asian patients account for a small minority of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States, many American surgeons have limited experience working on the Asian eyelid. Many may thus offer a few simpler versions of operations, but only a small group of true specialists possess the experience and skills to provide a complete range of surgical options.

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Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Overview: Why Do It?
"Asian" and "Occidental" Defined

Double Eyelid Surgery Is Not "Blepharoplasty"

Eyelid Features | Anatomy
Eyelid Crease | Epicanthal Fold
Premature Hollowing | Ten FAQs
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Stabilization of a Variable Crease
Surgery for Crease Asymmetry
Patients of Mixed Descent

Surgery Without Crease Creation
Double Eyelid Surgery in Men


Surgical Options
Incisional Method
Suture Method
Pros & Cons of the Incisional Method
Pros & Cons of the Suture Method

Patient Options
Preoperative Preferences

Age Restrictions
Best Height & Shape for the Crease

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Before-and-After Photo Galleries
Closeup | Two Eyes | All Angles

Surgery Photographed Step-by-Step
Asian Double Eyelid Surgery


Experiencing Asian Eyelid Surgery
Care After Surgery
The Upper Eyelid Scar

Photos During Recovery
Healing in Stages 1234
Scar Maturation

Two Videos
Healing After Double Eyelid Surgery

Risks, Complications, Revision

Risks | How Precise Are the Results
Revision For Bad Double Eyelid Surgery
Consequences of Fat Removal

Revisional Surgery Photographed
Revision to Treat Multiple Folds
Revision to Lower the Crease
Hollowness & Ptosis After Surgery
Healing After Revision Surgery
Restoration of Eyelid With Fat

Fat Loss

Premature Hollowing in the Upper Lid
Surgical Fat Loss After Surgery
Options for Upper Hollowness
Hollowness in the Non-Asian Eyelid

Photos After Fat Grafting

Fat Preservation in
Double Eyelid Surgery

Other Challenges

Drooping Upper Eyelid
Ptosis Correction - Basics
Ptosis Correction - Advanced

Lower Eyelid Fullness
Asian Lower Blepharoplasty

Related Operations
& Cosmetic Flourishes

Asian Brow/Forehead Lift
Infrabrow Upper Blepharoplasty
Lower Eyelid Epiblepharon Repair
Asian Lateral Canthoplasty
Love Band Operation
Asian Slant Reduction

Permanent Makeup
Circle Contact Lenses
Eyelid Tape and Glue

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